Candy-Free Easter! Ideas for a Non-Food Easter Egg Hunt

In our family, we try to keep our celebration of Easter focused on Christ, but we still enjoy a good Easter egg hunt on Easter morning! When I was growing up, the Easter Bunny brought us those little foil-covered chocolate eggs, jelly beans, sometimes Peeps or chocolate bunnies, and maybe even a Cadbury egg. I think that was pretty standard. But with food allergies and other food related issues on the rise, what’s an Easter Bunny to do?

In our household, we have multiple food allergies, food intolerances and sensitivities, celiac disease, and type 1 diabetes, so the Easter Bunny has had to get pretty creative with non-food items to stuff those eggs with! For all you Easter Bunnies out there who are in the same boat, or who are just trying to reduce sugar intake, let me share some ideas with you!

The Easter egg stuffer that has been the biggest hit in our home is Legos! You can take some plastic eggs and a small set of Legos, like a Lego Friends set, this Lego Creator Dino, or this Star Wars set, and put just a couple of Lego pieces in each egg. If you are doing an Easter egg hunt and there are multiple children hunting for eggs, the key to making this work is color-coding the eggs. Choose one or two colors for each child and plant one in their basket so they know which color they are going for. You can even hide the box in one of these giant Easter eggs for extra fun!

Another thing that our children have enjoyed finding in their eggs is a puzzle. Put a few pieces in each egg and again, color code the eggs. You might need a lot of plastic eggs for this, depending on the size of the puzzle.

Some other popular Easter egg surprises have been:

  • nail polish (I really like Piggy Paint because it’s non-toxic and not smelly)

  • bracelets

  • rings

  • earrings (my daughters liked these clip-on ones)

  • erasers

  • necklaces

  • fun socks

  • stickers

  • cars

  • hair bows

  • small plastic animals

  • finger puppets

  • tiny stuffed animals

  • a tie

  • a small bottle of bubbles

  • bouncy balls

  • marbles

For all of these items, color-coding the eggs is very helpful so the items go to the intended child. I hope some of these ideas help you! Happy Easter!

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